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MMA and General Personal Fitness Training by Gintas Combat

Who We Are

Personal training, MMA, Mixed Martial Arts

Gintas Combat offers:

  • Incorporating physical training into your daily lifestyle to reduce the risk of illness and disease
  • Deal with stress, while reducing anxiety and depression and ultimately improving your health
  • Regular exercise routines to improve vitality, longevity and quality of life for now and the future. Giving you the zest for life!
  • Supports others in being able to train their clients.

Mixed Martial arts MMA training

Knowledgeable Training Expertise


Through his extensive training, fighting and study, Gintas has proved time and time again to many students that power is not everything. The main focus of his teaching is how to train safely and show that as person, no matter what size they maybe, they can successfully defend themselves against a larger and stronger opponent.

Good technique is the foundation, incorporating timing, stability, feeling and controlling your own body and mind and that of your opponent’s at the same time.

However, Gintas Combat training is not only about fighting. The techniques you are given will benefit to give you self-confidence, motivation, and inspiration to give you a healthy outlook on life. See testimonials from our clients.

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Your Success is Our Goal


Of course, these things are not coming after short courses (even though they give some good understanding), or periodic exercise, but through regular training.

To gain these benefits you must choose to undertake such learning as part of your lifestyle  no matter who you are; doctor, businessman / woman, politician, musician, lawyer, actor or whatever, otherwise you will not gain as many of the benefits you are looking for and will be very far from the goal that you wish to reach.

Whatever your age, stage of life, you can benefit from regular exercise!

Whatever your background, upbringing, your stage in life Gintas Combat can design a tailored training structure to fit within your lifestyle and to enhance your life thereafter.

The ultimate  goal - healthy body, spirit and mind! 



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