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“As a coach, my ultimate goal is to keep you healthy, safe and happy in every aspect of your life”

  • 6th Dan Black belt in CSD, Kickboxing and Karate. Expert in Wrestling Sambo and MMA 
  • Ranked among Top 10 swimmers in Lithuania 1983
  • Professional No-Holds-Barred fighter 1984-1994
  • National Heavyweight Champion of Lithuania 1991 / Ranked among Top 10 fighters in Lithuania 1991
  • Winner of Prestigious, Professional International ‘No-Holds Barred’ Tournament 1992 Winner of European Heavyweight Title 1994
  • Competed at International Level in swimming, modern pentathlon, fencing and professional fighting
  • Owner and Head Coach at Gintas Combat gym
  • Author of the book Wrestling Sambo – The Secret Combat  Art of The Former Soviet Union For Special Forces and Real Self Protection
  • Producer of 2 DVDs – Health and Real Self-defence workouts for Children and Adults
  • Author of the book Ultimate Street MMA Volumes 1- 3
  • USSR Army Sergeant 1984/86
  • Special Forces, Police and Government Body Guards Instructor 1993/96
  • Degree of Excellence – Lithuanian State University of Physical  Culture and Sports 1984/90


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Gintas Bukauskas, from Kaunas, Lithuania, 6th Dan black belt in Combat Self Defence, Lithuania’s national martial art, Kickboxing and Karate. A vastly experienced athlete and sportsman who has competed at international level in swimming, modern pentathlon, fencing and professional fighting. Ranked as one of the top ten swimmers in Lithuania in 1983, he was a member of the USSR Olympic swimming squad. 

Before turning to martial arts, Gintas completed his compulsory subscription in the USSR army. At the end of his time there, he was then able to successfully achieve a sports degree at the Lithuanian State University of Physical Culture and Sports at where achieved exemplary status and of which some of his sporting records still hold at the University today!

The fighting Journey….

Moving into the world of professional no holds barred fighting, Gintas was ranked in the Top 10 fighters in Lithuania in 1991 and was the first person to win the prestigious heavyweight title in Combat Self Defence, after it was again legal to train in martial arts and compete in organised tournaments (martial arts competing was banned in USSR from 1983-1989). 

After this championship he became one of the vice presidents of the Combat Self Defence Federation. In 1992, he led Lithuania’s national team in the Professional International No Hold Barred Tournament of Combat Self Defence or known as Combat Sambo (now called Mixed Martial Arts), facing European and World champions from around the world.

Retiring from Competition….

Having secured the Title of European Champion in 1994 Gintas retired from professional fighting and began focusing his attention on teaching and improving the style and face of Combat Self Defence, incorporating knowledge and experience gained from his numerous fights and studies, producing champions in both adults and children’s competitions. He also instructed the army’s Special Forces, bodyguards of government officials and police personnel in the use of unarmed combat.

1997 to present day – In the UK….

In 1997 Gintas began running Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing classes in London, teaching adults and children. Encouraging students to develop their skills through local and national competitions around the country. In the short time of teaching, he produced a British national champion in full contact Kickboxing as well as gold medallists in Combat Jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts and judo tournaments. Multiple Professional British Champions, those fights featured on TV SKY SPORTS and other media channels.

Gintas also personal trained stuntmen and women in the movie industry, close protection skilled individuals as well as the individuals from a variety of professions.

Gintas also authored books during his time in the UK. Namely, “The Secret Combat Art Of The Former Soviet Union For Special Forces And Real Self Protection” and “Ultimate Street MMA”. 


Today, Gintas is in full demand from his diverse client base. Those being, amateur and professional mixed martial artists, those who a seeking an invigorating training regime that gives proven results, physically and mentally, and  to trainers who want to develop their training scope for their MMA and everyday clients. The passion of health and fitness will always continue with his motivation to help others to succeed in every aspect of their life is his ultimate aim.


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